Friday, July 17, 2015

Layers and Beyond by Margie Hurwich

Margie Hurwich will be presenting a program at CAPS-Chicago Area Photographic School called "Layers and Beyond."  Margie can help you take the mystery out of using layers in Photoshop.

Margie sells her images at a Rights Managed stock site which caters to book publishers.  She is published internationally in 18 countries with hundreds of book covers throughout.
Shooting exclusively for book covers has trained Margie's eye to look for images that immediately convey a concept, feeling or story.  She teaches those same ideas at the Bryan Peterson School of Photography,  BPSOP - Bryan Peterson School of Photography -
You can see Margie's portfolio at

Original                                Final
I would have to say that 99% of the time I never crop an image in post processing.  That doesn't mean I don't skew it a bit to make a horizon straight or to change the perspective of a tall building.  But for the most part, my photos come out of my camera cropped into the composition that I would like.  But do I post process my images?  You bet!!!  And pretty heavily too!

There are two kinds of post processing.  One is image enhancement.  Generally most digital cameras do some digital enhancement in camera and if you shoot RAW, you will also have to do some minor adjustments during your RAW conversion.  Image enhancement simply makes a better version of your photo by using sharpening, contrast, saturation, etc.  But the second type of post processing is image manipulation.  This is the category in which my photos fall into.

Through the use of layers and their capabilities, I am not only able to direct the viewer’s eye, but also combine images to create the concept, feeling or story I wish, and even create my own reality.

                                 Original                               Mushroom                           Final

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