Saturday, August 1, 2015

"Rozel Kansas Tornado Shoot" by Lorraine Mahoney

My name’s Lorraine. I am very upbeat and bubbly. I love to meet new people and experience a lot of new and different things documenting it every step of the way. In my free time you will find me driving all over the United States to chase storms. I love weather! The photography bug bit me back in 2009 and I fell head over heels for it. One of my favorite things to do is go out into nature and photograph it at its best and at its worst. I photograph everything from animals to people and everything in between. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I could not agree more. Pictures show deep emotion where words cannot. I love the pure happiness a picture can bring to someone and I thrive to do that for people! It brings me much satisfaction when a photo I take touches someone.

This shot was taken May 18th 2013 in Rozel Kansas. The weather models were showing a potentially great chase day out in Kansas and it was on the weekend so it was perfect. My chase partner and I decided to take the drive down to see what we could catch. Brad and I got into Greensburg Kansas and sat at a gas station with a number of other chasers for a few hours. Greensburg is no stranger to large tornadoes because they too were hit by one a few years back. Later in the afternoon the storms started developing so we started towards Rozel because of the weather parameters there. A storm had quickly formed giving us many photographic opportunities. We were in perfect position because the tornado started right by us in an open field and in phenomenal light!  As the tornado moved through the field, we got back into the car and continued to follow it through its life cycle. Through its life cycle it turned many shapes and colors. I have never seen a tornado so pretty. The tornado was rated an EF4 and one of the best kind because no one was hurt in it and there was very minimal damage as it stayed in the open fields mostly. Here is a link to the blog I wrote on my website about it. Rozel Ks Chase May 18th 2013 | Captured by Lorraine 

This photo will be featured in National Geographic's new book coming out in October called "Rarely Seen."

I will be sharing how to get great shots as this in my program "Storm Chasing, How to Capture the Weather" at CAPS-Chicago Area Photographic School on Saturday, November 21st. Chicago Area Photographic School (CAPS) 2015 - RegOnline

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