Saturday, October 3, 2015

"Composing Images of the Natural World" by Steve Gettle

Steve's photography has taken him throughout North and South America from the woods of northern Canada to the Cloud forest of Ecuador, from the coast of Maine to the high plateau of the desert southwest.  although he travels extensively, he finds much of his inspiration in the natural areas surrounding his home in Brighton, Michigan.  Steve leads photo workshops and tours all over the world.  As an instructor he has taught for such organizations as:  The North American nature Photography Association, The Rocky Mountain School of Photography, The Adirondack Photography Institute and many more.  He is a great nature photographer and will be teaching a half day class on both Saturday and Sunday, November 21st and 22nds at CAPS- Chicago Area Photographic School. Steve is being sponsored by Hunt's Photo and Video at CAPS.

Saturday- "Photographing Birds and Mammals"
This course will cover how and where to photograph the birds and mammals of our planet. Attendees will not only learn where to find their subjects but also how to use blinds, calls, baits and other advanced techniques to attract wildlife. We will also talk about special compositional guidelines for these types of subjects, and fine tuning your autofocus to capture action and flight shots.

and  "Macro Photography"
Participants will learn how to use basic equipment to make beautiful images of things in the realm of the small, from the size of a butterfly to as small as a tiny snow crystal. We will not only cover the equipment needed for this type of photography but also the specialized techniques used in this challenging genre of nature photography. We will discuss such things as, maximizing depth of field, controlling light, controlling the background, using flash, and much more.

Sunday-  "Composing Images of the Natural World"
The main emphasize of this two part program will be composition. We will focus on the many elements that make up the composition of a beautiful image, using hundreds of examples and practical, real world situations. We will learn the “rules” of composition as well as when and why to break them. Attendees will learn how to find the picture, and how to work a subject to maximize the potential of every situation. In addition, we will cover how to control such things. as lighting, backgrounds, depth of field, and perspective to enhance the composition. The second part of this program will talk about how to more effectively communicate your vision and more importantly, your message with your photography.

Wilderness Images
The Nature Photography of Steve Gettle
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