Saturday, September 5, 2015

Using One Light to Get Big Results by Craig Brandt

I’m excited about being back at CAPS Midwest this year. I met and was able to help a great bunch of folks at last year’s CAPS event and I’m looking forward to working with all of you again.

So why only one light? Well, that’s because almost everyone has at least on light source or strobe with their camera. You don’t need to use a ton of expensive equipment and strobes to make a great image. So let’s see what I mean by looking at this example of an image made with only one Nikon flash unit….

In this portrait you can see our subject is dramatically lit with nice, soft, warm light. This image was made with a common flash unit you can pick up at your favorite camera or local electronics store. My goal for this workshop is to give everyone that attends the knowledge and insight to make great images with their cameras and strobes. So what will you learn if you attend this workshop?

      1)     That learning to make your own light is the single most important skill to improving your photography.
      2)     You’ll learn about the characteristics of light and why it behaves the way that it does.
      3)     You’ll learn to control light sources and understand their effects on your images.
      4)     You will learn how to use your gear or make a modest investment to make unique images that separate your photos from the masses.
      5)     The Workshop will consist of theory, examples from my workload to demonstrate that theory, and finally a “hands on” demonstration on how to make it all happen.

Here’s  a few more examples of what you can do with only one flash as your light source:

I look forward to meeting all of you and spending a great couple of days at this years CAPS Midwest. In the meantime, if you want to dive into a little bit more you can check out my business website at:

Thanks again and see you all there!

A photo generalist by nature, Craig’s workload covers a broad base of subject matter and clients. It currently consists of images for local newsprint publications, corporate brochures / advertising, magazines, and editorial work for the international newswire service Penta Press. His images can routinely be seen in local media publications and fine art exhibits. His first book "Sailing by the Belle" released in the fall of 2010 chronicled the sport of competitive sailing along the coast of Racine, Wisconsin and included images from his coverage of several national regattas. His second book, "For the Sake of Light" released in the spring of 2012 is an in-depth look at the use of light in photography and includes images from Craig’s work across the country as a freelance photographer. He is known for his use of creative lighting techniques and the unique perspective he brings to his images.

Craig will be presenting his program on Saturday, November 21st.

CAPS-Chicago Area Photographic School will be on November 21st and 22nd at Elgin Community College.  Check out the Caps homepage at:  Home


  1. I always enjoy your art .. You do have a special talent for capturing light . Some of my favorites are shown above..

  2. Frankie,
    Thanks so much for the kind words! Looking forward to helping out the folks at CAPS Midwest today and helping others to make some great images.